San Bernadino, April 13 & 14 2013

There was a Free-mo setup at the Western Prototype Modelers Meet in San Bernardino, Calif. on April 13 & 14 2013.


Here is a message and link to a video from Gary green.


I uploaded video I took at the WPM/SB Museum Free-mo setup on April 13 & 14.I decided to try out Vimeo to see how well it works. I think that the conversion of my video from 60i to 30 fps made the video look a bit jumpy. Maybe next time I'll record at 30 fps to see if it makes a difference.

You'll be treated to me talking to myself along the way.please forgive some of my "nonsense" as I get used to a new camcorder. You'll also be treated to a few segments where it looks like I tripped on something or ran into someone. I left those segments in just to complete the coverage of the setup. The whole video is 19:22 minutes long.

Note that this was the maiden/test run for the as yet unfinished Apache Canyon and for Gerry Bill's loop. Participants came from Northern, Central and Southern California and Arizona.

My favorites:

  • Donnell's beautiful daughters and their proud dad.
  • Jere discovering that a oncoming train was the reason his signal was red.

Here's the link: