Anderson Powerpole Connectors

After a long drafting process and a voting period, it was decided in June of 2015 to convert to Anderson Powerpole connectors. The Anderson Powerpole connector are replacing the Cinch Jones plugs for Track Bus and the trailer plugs for the Accessory Bus. A new bus, the "Booster Common" connection, was added which also uses Anderson Powerpole connectors.

The new standard went into effect July 1, 2015. All existing modules at that time had until July 1, 2016 to be converted to Anderson Powerpole connectors. Events held during the transition period had to ensure conversion cables were available where needed. Since this transition deadline now has passed, all Free-mo modules must use the Anderson Powerpole connectors for Track Bus and the Accessory Bus; and have the new "Booster Common" connection installed.

Other changes adopted at that time. The wire size (AWG) used for Track Bus and Accessory Bus were increased in size. This increase in wire size allows for less resistance and less voltage drop over longer lengths of our setups. The Track Bus and Accessory Bus wiring for modules build after July 1, 2015 should now be a minimum of 14 AWG.  Older modules have their smaller wire size of 18 AWG grandfathered, but are encouraged to upgrade to the larger wire gauge.

You can review the full updated standard, at:

(Note: Thanks to Yaron Bandell for the above article.)