Free-mo is not a club or even an organization. Free-mo is a set of standards for building Prototype Model Train Modules.

Some clubs have adopted the Free-mo Standard as their club module standard. Other groups have published their own Standards based off the Free-mo Standard. Some are a copy of the standards posted here, others have added more to their standards; so long as their standards still meet the Free-mo standards they are still Free-mo.

An example would be defining a local Fascia Color, the Free-mo standard does not define a color, it states

General module fascia color shall complement scenery and not draw attention from the scene.

A club can define a color that they use, this is further defining a standard, but not conflicting with the Free-mo standard. Chat Group

Do you have questions about Free-mo? Looking for others in near you that are building Free-mo modules? Join the Free-mo discussion by joining joining the Free-mo group. This is the place to ask questions and get answers. Many Free-mo groups have their own groups to organize at the local level.


Follow Free-Mo Model Railroading on Facebook, this is a general Free-mo discussion group. You can also look for or ask on the main group about local groups. Many different local groups have Facebook pages where they discus local setups and organize at the local level.

Free-mo Groups in North America

Steve Adamson is keeping a list of Free-mo Groups. Here is the current list. Open the
Free-mo-Groups PDF document.


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