Free-mo is not a club or even an organization. Free-mo is a set of standards for building Prototype Model Train Modules.

Some clubs have adopted the Free-mo Standard as their club module standard. Other groups have published their own Standards based off the Free-mo Standard. Some are a copy of the standards posted here, others have added more to their standards; so long as their standards still meet the Free-mo standards they are still Free-mo. An example would be defining a local Fascia Color, the Free-mo standard does not define a color, it states

General module fascia color shall complement scenery and not draw attention from the scene.


This is further defining a standard, but not conflicting with the Free-mo standard. Chat Group

o you have questions about Free-mo? Looking for others in near you that are building Free-mo modules? Join the Free-mo discussion by joining joining theĀ Free-mo group. This is the place to ask questions and get answers. Many Free-mo groups have their own groups to organize at the local level.


Follow Free-mo on Facebook. Many different local groups have Facebook pages where they discus local setups and organize at the local level. There are two main “Free-mo” groups, one is setup like a business and the other as a general group. Many Free-mo groups have their own Facebook pages to organize at the local level.


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